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  • Classic Lash Extension

  • Classic Lash Refill

    $45 - $60
  • Hybrid Set

  • Hybrid Refill

    $55 - $65
  • Volume Lashes

  • Volume Refill

    $65 - $80
  • Cluster Natural

  • Cluster Extra Full

  • Single Natural

  • Single Extra Full

  • Strip Lashes

    $15 - $20
  • Fill up

    $15 - $20
  • Remove

  • Lash Lift


Eyelash Extension

If you feel like adding volume to your lashes, contact Royal Threading now. With numerous years of experience and usage of state-of-the-art equipment only, we leave no room for loopholes and thus fulfill all your desires for lush and black eyelashes.


In addition to styling and defining your eyebrows to perfection. We, at Royal Threading also provide eyebrow tinting to make them beyond perfection, completely enhanced, shaped and darkened.


Nothing beats a classic lash extension to bring a charming oomph to your face. When done right, it can create marvels. Put your trust in experienced beauticians at Royal Threading who undergo several training sessions at regular intervals to keep up with the latest technology thus leaving no room for loopholes.


Follow-up of lash extensions is as important as their installation. For the right kind of lash extension touch-ups, contact Royal Threading now. We add just the right amount of volume and boost to not overdo it. We are renowned for maintaining balance and for enhancing the natural beauty of our customers.


Lash lifts simply help curl your lashes to make them supple and as gorgeous as ever. The only difference is they last many days at a stretch giving you value for your money. However, one must only trust a certified professional to carry out this process. At Royal Threading, you will meet not just one but many qualified and experienced beauty professionals to add this extra charm to your face.


Eyelash refills of good quality are as important as eyelash extensions. For high-quality eyelash refills, walk in through the doors of Royal Threading and walk out loving yourself and your eyelashes even more.


Don't want to tamper with your natural eyelashes? We present to you Keratin Lash Lifts. Our beauticians have undergone rigorous training to lift, curl and boost your natural lashes almost instantly. We suggest you try this at least once to see magic unfurl in front of your eyes.


It is very important to remove eyelash extensions with great care and precision. Put your trust in Royal Threading alone to help you carry this out smoothly, without causing any damage to your natural beauty.


Eyelash perming is a technical job that must be carried out with great care and precision. At Royal Threading, we take immense pride in our excellence in providing top-notch services related to eyelashes, especially eyelash perm.


To make your mornings easy and fuss-free, indulge in lash tints only from the right place. This place is none other than Royal Threading in Brooklyn, Manhattan. We impose the right kind of black dye which will give your lashes a natural curled look to last for days. Contact us now to know more.

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink eyelashes create a light, feathered, and fluffy natural appearance. To have them put correctly, contact Royal Threading now. With numerous years of experience, we are sure to never cause any problems.